Snapshots from today´s visit on Formex fair.

Knitted poufs and plaids, simple but beautiful glass vases, ceramics,
soft textures, cosy sheepskins (not in these pictures - but everywhere),
rough-hewn, rustic wood, sweet 50´s inspired pastels,
natural inspiration and the best company. I like - as always.

 STIL inspiration

4 kommentarer:

  1. great cushions and knitted plaid.... I love!! thanks for sharing!! Enjoy your second day there!!

  2. Wiiih! Snyggt! Want to be there!
    Tack för inspirattion, as usuall. Du e grym!
    Kram o trevlig helg/ Jennifer

  3. Så mycket fint! Jag ville också dit, men fick inte ihop det. Tack för inspirationen! :)

  4. I saw some pictures at other blogs as well seems like a great exhibition !


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